About Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida

Who we are. Why we do what we do.

Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida was opened as a result of the journey our family has taken in caring for our loved ones. The doctors never suggested hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And when we discovered it, it was not available.

The Center features REAL PVHO-1 hyperbaric chambers; a monplace rated at 3.0 ATA (atmospheres absolute) and a dual lock multiplace chamber rated at 6.0 ATA (see below for chamber specifications). Our safety guidelines exceed industry standards which puts our patients at ease during their treatments.

Our team has over 40 years of hyperbaric experience and demonstrate care and compassion for our patients. Our selection of chambers helps us excel at overcoming challenges to assure that hyperbarics is available to those that can benefit.

Our discovery of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was a breakthrough for our family. While there may be only 15 FDA “approved” indications, with a physician’s order, numerous other “off-label” indications such as: TBI, the effects of stroke, and many more can be treated as adjunct therapies.

Our experience compelled us to open Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida because we understand the pain and stress families and individuals go through as a result of the struggles associated with supporting affected children, parents, and other family members, as well as the struggles of those family members themselves. We understand the challenges of being a caregiver. However, we also understand and have experienced the joy that comes from a son telling us that he can think more clearly than he ever believed he could, and from watching a mother miraculously walking, talking, doing word puzzles and helping out around the house. These are all things I never could have imagined happening, and we want to give more people and families the same opportunity, while at the same time improving the quality of their lives as well as the people who care for them.

State-of-the-Art Hyperbaric Chambers & Equipment

Hybrid 3200 Monoplace Chamber

Our Hybrid 3200 Monoplace Chamber features a 32″/81.3 cm Inside Diameter. and is rated at 3.0 ATA. It is ASME – PVHO-1 – National Board,
FDA 510(k) cleared, and Meets or exceeds NFPA-99-2015 requirements. The chamber is pressurized with 99.2% Medical Grade Oxygen. The patient is required to wear 100% cotton Hyperbaric Scrubs (provided) and a static wrist band. A continuity test is performed on the wrist strap to assure proper grounding of the patient prior to entering the chamber. During the treatment the patient can watch a movie, meditate, or sleep.

DUO-Lock Multiplace Chamber

Our Multiplace Chamber is a DUO-Lock, 72″/182.9 cm Diameter, 10 +2 Seat chamber and is rated at 6.0 ATA. It is ASME – PVHO-1 – National Board, FDA 510 (k) cleared, and Meets or exceeds NFPA-99-2015 requirements. It has a Rectangular door to the entry of the main chamber providing for Wheelchair accessibility. The Entry Lock is fitted with circular doors. There are 2 - Large acrylic viewports to view outside of the chamber. The chamber is pressurized by 2 - Medical Grade Air Compressors and once the patient reaches the treatment depth, the BIBS (Built-In Breathing System) is attached and 99.2% Medical Oxygen is provided. The patient is required to wear 100% cotton Hyperbaric Scrubs (provided) and is allowed to use their personal IPAD during the treatment.

Meet the Team

Elly Cederoth - Managing Director
Dr. Al Peters - Medical Director
Robert Cederoth - Hyperbaric Safety Director
Evan Wheeler - Certified Hyperbaric Specialist
Plamen Boyov - Hyperbaric Technician Assistant


Bob & Marie

Bob and I have had a great experience with our hyperbaric treatments. Both Elly and Bob were so understanding, kind, considerate and helpful. As it turned out, both Bob and I had many special needs and needed a great deal of individual attention. Both Bob and Elly went way beyond what could be expected of them to help us through the treatments. With so much love and caring, they helped us every step of the way.

I found out that the very bad pain I was having in my back became less of a problem. My poor digestion (I have chronic pancreatitis) is much better than I thought possible. I have more energy and better tolerate exercise. Bob had so many problems that were incurable, but even he showed some improvement. We plan to go back for more treatments. Thank you Bob and Elly - Marie and Bob Slauson

D Lo

I spent an extensive amount of time at this facility for hyperbaric treatments. I was treated as family with the utmost respect and courtesy. It is clean, organized and safety is of the greatest priority. I look forward to continuing healing and will not hesitate to go for treatments in the future.


I had a wonderful experience at Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida. The team was very patient with my parents during their treatments. They have a strong passion for not only treating their patients but educating them about HBOT overall. I would highly recommend their center.


I brought my 95 year old mom for 26 treatments to help with her macular degeneration and cognitive impairment. I have great confidence that mom will have a very positive experience. Bob and Elly are very passionate and knowledgeable in this field. It was a very positive experience.


Thank you, Bob & Ellie

Bob & Ellie are two of the most devoted human beings I have ever met. They say they are not doctors... nevertheless their combined knowledge, and wisdom has in my opinion allowed them to be of far greater service to those that suffer from illness & pain than anyone I have ever encountered in the field of medicine, be it holistic or traditional.

Their dedication allows them to serve their clients/patients, 7 days a week to meet the needs of continuous unabated treatments. This is so important in making a positive impact on the outcome of this particular type of health care.

They run a tight ship but not at the cost of forgetting the needs of the people they are serving. When in their care you are priority number one.

I recommend anyone experiencing a decline in mental or any other covered physical issue who is looking for an alternative approach to well being to call Bob or Ellie at the Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida.


I was recommended to HBOT by a physician to help heal a wound I have had for nearly three years. I am not diabetic. I have an autoimmune disease that has been slowly calcifying my small blood vessels leaving me with skin, colon, lung, and kidney problems. After 40 “dives”, my wound is granulating (filling in) and I feel significantly improved over all. I used to wonder what normal felt like. Now, I can’t wait to return to my physicians for follow-up. I want them to see my improvements so that they can recommend hyperbaric therapy to other patients. I know angiogenesis is taking place. I am excited for my prospects for the future and I know I will continue to use HBOT as part of my treatment protocol. Thanks Elly and Bob for taking such good care of me!


Bob and Elly are highly qualified and trained to offer medical grade oxygen in certified hyperbaric chambers. My experience with their treatments was exceptional and I recommend them to anyone wanting to improve a multitude of different health conditions. They are professional, empathetic, and committed to their clients' wellbeing and safety.


Thank you Bob and Ella for the care and commitment you have shown to our mother. Praise God we found your center and were able to take advantage of your highly effective hyperbarric oxygen treatments. Our mom is doing amazing and she thanks God for every day of her life. Thank you once again, we are all very grateful.


I highly recommend Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida. I felt like Elly and Bob adopted me as a son during my treatments. I feel great and I am back in college. Thank you Elly & Bob


Everything about this facility is excellent..especially Bob and Ellie the owners..as I finished my last treatment I told these great people.. you have not heard the last of me... You helped me.. you helped others I met here and I believe Hyperbaric is the cure for now and the future.. Thank You


Awesome place with awesome service! Highly recommend!!


I visited the Hyperbaric Center of Southwest Florida with the goal of reducing the swelling I experienced from surgery thru the use of their Oxygen Chambers for five sessions. I hit a “home run” when I found this center located in the heart of downtown Sarasota. The facility had state of the art equipment, was extraordinarily clean, the owners “cared”, were involved with the treatment from beginning to end and most importantly when I completed the five sessions, the swelling from my surgery had gone down considerably. As I understand it the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a medical treatment that delivers pure oxygen to a patient's pulmonary system while you are within a pressurized chamber. I was breathing oxygen at levels far greater than that what is found at a normal room atmosphere, which helped my healing process. This procedure is used for purposes other than reducing swelling from surgery, such as: helping stroke victims, people with Lyme disease, children with autism, decompression symptoms (which could result from scuba diving) and for other indications. Initially, I had anxiety about being in a closed chamber, but found it partially open, not confining or claustrophobic at all and actually enjoyed the time I spent there watching videos supplied by the owners. After the first few minutes on the first day of treatment, I did not feel enclosed in the chamber and was very comfortable during the hour sessions I spent at this facility. Overall, a very positive experience and most importantly excellent results. I highly recommend this facility for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.